Arabic Translation in Dubai

Tips on Doing Arabic Translation Business in Dubai, UAE

Translation service is one of the businesses that have a bright future in Dubai, UAE, because of the increasing demand and need for good Arabic translation in writing, audio and verbal. For those who are good or mastering different types of language, especially both Arabic language and English language, it is an opportunity for you to start a business.  Although there are a lot of automatic translation tools on the internet, but because of its accuracy is not 100 percent, human and professional translation services are still highly required.   Nowadays you may find a lot of Arabic translation companies there because of the increasing demand on Arabic translation services in Dubai, UAE along with the era of globalization and international relations in all fields.

So, for those of you who have expertise in Arabic language such as English to Arabic translation or translation from Arabic to any other foreign language, you can utilize your skills by selling your translation services there. Besides being an Arabic language teacher, opening Arabic translation office in Dubai, UAE can be one of your alternatives too because a lot of people require the services of a qualified Arabic translator in Dubai, UAE today.

Opening a translation service is considered as one of the worthy business that should be tried because it can be started only with a minimum investment. You just need bilingual skills, understanding the cultural context in both languages (source and target languages), a computer with internet connection, and a handful of network promotion, then you can start your own business translation service from scratch. The following tips are for those who are interested to take advantage of opportunities in the field of translation services especially for Arabic translation services in Dubai, UAE.

Start to receive orders by freelancing if you don’t have enough money yet to open Arabic translation office in Dubai, UAE.  It means that you don’t need a big translation company in Dubai, UAE to start this business. It is a small step, but it will take you to the world of translation services business. As a novice Arabic translator in Dubai, UAE, you should try to be a professional. You must try to gradually seek those who need translation services. For starters, try to promote yourself to your family, friends, or any of your acquaintances. If they personally do not need the services of your translation, it does not mean that it is useless to tell them about your new business. Relatives, friends, or acquaintances can be your “free advertising”, as they can recommend you to their colleagues.

If you want to make your translation company to become more professional, I suggest you to choose only one area/field and then understand your customers in that field. For instance, you have to make a decision to specialize only in English Arabic translation, then to become more specific by deciding to specialize in medical translation, book translation, technical translation, financial translation, legal translation or any other fields of translation. Of course if you only specialize in certain field, then you can charge more expensive for your service because people will think that you are really competent in that specific area.

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