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With Improved Arabic Language Support, Android Chrome Browser Now Supports Webpage Translation

Google has launched the version No. 28 of Chrome Browser for AndroidGoogle has launched the version No. 28 of Chrome Browser for Android -based mobile phones and tablets. This version has several upgrades and improvements, the most important of which is the support for machine translation of webpages in a very similar way to desktop version of this browser.

The application received also another upgrade, which was welcomed by tablet users. This upgrade is for supporting preview and reading of webpages in full-screen mode. This feature became available to Chrome mobile version since last update. All you need to do is to scroll down to the page bottom, and the upper address bar will disappear automatically.

In addition, Google says it offers new user interface for the right-to-left languages, including the Arabic language. It should be noted that the application interface supports Arabic language originally, but the new upgrade will improve the Arabic support- something that will be noticed by users of Arabic version of Chrome browser.

At last, the application received the necessary fixes and upgrades for improved performance. The update is available now on Google Play, but as usual, Google deploys update gradually, and you may have to wait for hours or days to get the update.

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