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What Makes Translations from English to Arabic so Tough?

difficult languages on the globeWithout argument, Arabic is one of the most difficult languages on the globe. This is also true in regards to the translation in this language. This is partly because Arabic language doesn’t absorb the developments and refinements which are necessary for handling the modern business and technology terms of use. It wouldn’t be wrong to describe Arabic as a technologically under-developed language or technologically challenged language. Aside from the fact that technological terms are deficient in Arabic, the language could also be described as a culturally backwards one seeing as how technology has neglected to make its effect on many parts of Arabic society.

When one considers English, on the other hand, it is a technologically rich language; thus creating one barrier to English to Arabic translations. For example, in Arabic there is no distinction between the business terms “management” and “administration.” Both are called “Idara” in Arabic. To cite another example, there is only one word “Hisaab” in Arabic for the English words “compute” and “calculate.”The meaning gets lost when you are trying to convey these distinctions in the Arabic language.

Presently, there is no source available that can check Arabic Grammar, nor is there a source for Optical Character Reader (OCR), nor is there any search engines. The point is that there are not any standards. In other words, translation from English to Arabic is a hit-or-miss process with no clear regulations and standards to which to adhere.

Translators often are left to simply follow their instincts and go with what seems right. They also use their knowledge to determine what doesn’t sound good, as a result, they often are totally unable to convey an accurate message. To complicate matters, a bulk of Arabic organizations use English in their websites, brochures, pamphlets and other advertisements and consciousness material since they can’t express themselves in Arabic.

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