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What Makes A Good Translation?

The need for translating a text or document from one language to another is increasing. But how can you tell if it is a good translation?

Well the simple answer is that this is not the question you should be asking. It isn’t about classifying a translation as good or bad. The aim of any translation service will be to clearly and correctly convey the message of a text. This means using the correct wording and grammar.

Here are a few general guidelines to follow, to help in making a translation easy to understand for the reader and that the information is accurately explained.

When translating a piece of text, make sure it doesn’t sound too forced or formal (unless it is supposed to be that way). The language structure needs to sound natural and flow well. A conversational tone is the best approach to take, unless it is some kind of scientific or technical document. Keeping sentences simple is a good tactic to use. This makes the meaning and intent clear and avoids confusion.

An important technique that should always be used is to translate the thought or meaning behind the text, not the actual words. A literal translation will end up making very little sense. Sentences and phrases will be out of order and it becomes very easy to misunderstand what is trying to be told.

Consider the style of writing in the source language. Look at the overall tone of the text and try to keep it the same in your writing style when translating to the target language. It is the translator’s job to convey the emotions and ideas to the reader, to get same reaction as the original document.

Following these principals will lead to clear and natural sounding text, that does the original piece justice.

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