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UAE- IAA Dispatches Arabic Translation of the Sawyer Manual for Internal Auditing

The Internal Audit Association (UAE-IAA) is a locally authorized body and affiliated with the Global Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA-Global). The association continually strives to place the Internal Audit profession in the forefront of the UAE and all over the entire MENA region.

Translation of the Sawyer manual was a breakthrough and had never been attempted before. The purpose of translating the Sawyer manual to Arabic was to aid the Internal Auditors who spoke mainly Arabic.

Internal audit theories, the basics and application of internal audits, risk management, compliance and the basics of corporate governance have all been covered in the Sawyer translation.

Mr. Abdul Qader Obaid Ali, Chairman, UAE- IAA, stated that, “The launch of the Arabic version of Sawyer is definitely an achievement for our association. We have always strived to be trendsetters in the industry and looked forward to carrying out such initiatives.”

The book is geared towards meeting the criteria and standards of the Internal Auditors. It aims to make auditors an asset to any organization. The manual includes a section on philosophy that imbibes the role of the internal auditor.

He should be up to date with the upcoming trends and always be aware of the rapid changing times. A good internal auditor will be up to date on the international standards for the practice of internal auditing and development.

The UAE Internal Association (UAE-IAA) made a strong effort and took up the lead in Arabization of the “Certified Internal Auditor” (CIA) Exam which was a combined effort of several Arab Institutes.

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