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Tips on Writing Creative and Engaging Arabic Headlines

One of the most important factors to writing a great sales Arabic copy starts with a great Arabic headline. This is the little bit of text that is going to make your potential Arabic reader decide whether or not they want to spend their time reading your content or not. That’s why it’s so important to come up with an interesting and entertaining Arabic headline. I’m going to go over a few ideas that will help you come up with a great headline every time.

I can’t tell you how important it is to make your Arabic readers feel as though they’re about to be shared a secret. Creating curiosity is a great way to make your readers feel as though they’re part of a secret club. You create a strong bond with your readers and it will make it much easier to get them to buy. If you offer a secret in the headline, users will be eager to look through all of your text in order to find that magical secret that they were once offered. This is a very good way to keep them on their toes and get them interested.

If you’ve been copywriting for any amount of time you’re probably aware how important it is to state the benefits of your product within your copy, but do you state the benefits in your headline? The truth is that most people aren’t going to read through all of your text, so you need to make your product’s benefits easy to read. You can do this by including benefits in your headline. Make sure that you make the benefits clear and make it appeal to everyone. Don’t give away too much of the solution, just give them enough to have them wanting more.

A lot of people tend to get carried away when they write their headlines. I’ve seen many Arabic headlines that are nearly 20 words! This is simply too much. You need to make your headlines short and to the point. A good rule of thumb is to shoot for seven words or less. Shorter Arabic headlines are going to stand out much more than longer headlines and they are also proven to be much more effective. The fact is that most readers will ignore long headlines. A short and simple headline will get you many clicks and hopefully many sales!

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