Arabic Translation in Dubai


Language is a very powerful tool in business as well as the social life. There is no better way to reach the hearts of your friends and prospective customers than to use their language. The world has become a global village and online business has made it easy to reach millions who would have otherwise been unreached. Tech companies have not been left behind especially with most of them targeting the Arab world which has proved to be a potential gold mine when it comes to technology advancement. It is therefore important to translate your website and tech content from English to Arabic in order to enjoy a share of this every growing market.

To do this, tech companies need to work with quality translators and this simply goes beyond changing words from English to Arabic. As a tech company, you need to translate your marketing collateral, technical documentation, software and website as well. But to do this successfully, you will need to work with skilled English to Arabic language translator who has a clear understanding of the Arab culture, language and worldview. Below are two important things you should consider as a tech company when searching for translation services: –

  1. Industry knowledge

As a technical company, you only hire people who understand the industry when dealing with the nitty gritty details of your company. This should not be different when engaging the services of English-Arabic translator. You will need someone who has a good understanding of your field, one who can convey your message just the way it should be done. This is the only way for you to make your translated message powerful and more compelling as it makes the end users to receive both the letter and the spirit of your tech content. A good translator should know the technical terminologies to help reach your customers and prospects effectively.

  1. Great writing skills

Normally, translation is not just turning words from English to Arabic. Skilled English to Arabic translator should possess quality writing skills so as to organize your content expertly for effective communication. Words are useless and ineffective if they are not used in a flowing manner. Always consider the translators writing skills before committing your technical marketing documents and additional content to them.

  1. Translation experience and references

Although we all have our humble beginnings, I doubt you would want to entrust your tech information to a greenhorn for translation. You might need to look for someone with experience in English-Arabic translation and one whose track record is clean and reliable. This is better than experimenting with a new translator who does not have any testimonials associated to them.

All said and done, there is no doubt that thousands of tech companies are reaping big from the Arab world but this is only possible through the use of the Arabic language which you too can use and enjoy the results.

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