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Arabic translations be done by top-shelf companiesArabic is the language of the holy book in the Moslem world, the Quran. It is also ranked as sixth in the league rank of languages of the world and boasts an approximate 186 million people speaking the language. Thus, the significance of Arabic is not to be taken lightly. It becomes of tantamount importance that more Arabic translations be done by top-shelf companies.

Arabic use only two written forms; which are Modern Standard Arabic and classical Arabic. What dictates which is used is a function of knowing the purpose of the writing. For example, marketing documents have to be translated in the Modern Standard version of Arabic.

Arabic translation demands recognition of certain primary factors while translating documents. For starters, Arabic is generally written from right side to left side, unlike most of the other languages of the world. Additional letters in Arabic are aligned to each other in a way that they cannot be split across lines. This represents a basic difference in the way of writing Arabic versus the normal European way of writing. What this means, is that each detail requires scrutiny; images will need to be aligned in a different way and pagination has to be changed. Because of the pagination differences, additional pages might be required.

Sound knowledge of each language and the required skill to translate relevant documents in emergency situations should be done by Arabic translation experts who can deliver accurately translated documents. Arabic translators will also need to stay up-to-date on the most recent changes and developments in the language. Even the manager under which the translation project is placed will need to have proficiency in both languages.

Arabic translations are used across several fields, including legal, medical, financial, marketing, and websites.

Arabic translations are important from both a private and professional position and are gaining popularity.

TextpoweR Creative Arabic Translation & Copywriting Services has a professional team of experienced Arabic Translators and Arabic Copywriters, who can provide you with high quality Arabic translations and copies of your legal, technical, financial, medical, marketing and other documents and materials. The team is based in Dubai, UAE, but serving several happy clients around the world from Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia.