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Medical Arabic Translation

Medical Arabic translation is a growing field around the world today, especially in the region of Middle East. Medical translation is commonly defined as the translation of technical, regulatory, clinical or marketing documentation, software or training curriculum for the pharmaceutical, medical devices or healthcare fields. Documents which are necessary to execute clinical trials also need to be translated to the Arabic language as physicians, patients and other representatives can be able to read them. Typically, regulatory approval entries have to be translated as well. In addition to linguistic capabilities, the field of medical Arabic translation requires specific training and subject matter knowledge in order to translate medical content. This is due to the overly technical, sensitive and regulated nature of medical texts and works.

Medical translations are usually a multi-step process. Because of this, the work of medical Arabic translations is usually carried out by an Arabic translation agency, which in turn is responsible for overseeing the linguistic team and all project management. The many various steps in medical translation include extracting the text from the source document, and converting the source language to the Arabic language that is understandable and approachable to the Arabic reader. It also includes editing the Arabic text, which requires the document to be read and amended by a separate person in order to ensure that the appropriate terminology is adhered to, and the document is readable to its targeted Arabic-speaking audience. The document is also then published, and returned to its original format, whether it is a Word document or a webpage, and it is also proofread, which certifies that the formatted translation displays correctly with no corrupted text. Proofreading also ensures that the document has proper punctuation and line and page breaks are correct as well. Finally, a medical text is subject to an in-country review, in which a native-language expert reviews the translation to make sure it follows all the guidelines and is readable to a person who speaks the language of the text.

Many colleges and universities offer degrees or certificates to be an interpreter, whether it’s medical or otherwise. Translation is a rapidly growing field that is always in demand, and especially in a field like medicine, the supply of work for a medical Arabic translator will always be plentiful. Many people who become medical Arabic translators are very excited to be in this field due to the seemingly endless knowledge they pick up. In addition to translating medical texts, they also learn about an abundance of medical-related topics as well, such as illnesses, treatments and various medical terms they may have not been familiar with. The opportunities for growth and learning appear to be endless in this field!

Translation degrees or certificates usually require 12-weeks to 2-years training to complete all the courses needed to earn the degree. Medical translators also start off with a comfortable starting salary upon getting a job in their field; they reportedly earn $44,000 as a starting yearly salary (estimated median). With the growing Arabic-speaking population in Middle East and other countries, the field of medical Arabic translation will continue to grow rapidly.

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