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Heading to Libya: Passport Translations to Arabic Language

Journey into Libya will have to have their passport translated into ArabicAnyone seeking to journey into Libya will have to have their passport translated into Arabic. Even when people understand this requirement, they may not understand how to go about getting this done. Often, first time travelers don’t know where to go for such a translation, how long it will take and what the particular requirements are.

There is more than one way to have a passport translated into the Arabic language. Many of them work quite well, such as those described below:

Embassy Translation
Your embassy is an excellent starting place. By visiting a consulate at the embassy, a traveler may can get a translation which will enable them to enter into Libya. There is no guarantee that this outcome will happen for everybody, because recently some clients discovered that the embassy had no one who spoke Arabic to do the necessary translation.

Authorized Government Translation
Sometimes, the Libyan Consulate will advise clients to locate an authorized government translator to do the translation. Often they do this on a slip of paper that can be stuck to the passport or stapled to it. Some question whether a staple on the passport will render it illegal, but apparently this works when the translator does the work and then stamps it with the official translation stamp.

Consulate Authorized Translation
The embassy may also tell people to go to a certified translator outside of the embassy and then return for the official stamp.

American Passport Translation

In the U.S., the Arab Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C. Is recognized as a translator for those wishing to travel to Libya. Apparently, this service requires that one send their passport and some other documentation to the National US – Arab Chamber of Commerce. The turnaround time is about 10 days.

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