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Guide to Types of Translation Services

As the translation industry has grown & developed, specific terms have been used to define all the niches within this wide field. Read on for a short introduction to all the various categories of specialised translation services.

Administrative translation
Any kind of administrative text falls under this category. This covers texts used for managing organizations, businesses or governments on a day to day basis.

Business translation
Business or commercial translations covers all sorts of business related documents such as company accounts, correspondence and reports.

Computer translation
Anything related to computer software, help files and manuals. This isn’t the same as machine translation, as it is simply focused on the subject of computing and not using computers to aid in translating documents.

Economic translation
Used for any text within the economics field. It has some crossover with business translation, but more focus on the academic side.

Financial translation
For translating any documents relating to banking, stocks and bonds, asset management or anything else to do with finance.

General translation
This is a generic term used for text where the language is not particularly high level or technical. Anything that doesn’t need a specialized knowledge or terminology falls within this category.

Legal translation
A type of translation focused on legal documents and contracts. Translators must be very knowledgeable in the law field to work in this category, as there is no room for error.

Literary translation
Novels, poems and plays are all part of this category. Many literary works find an international audience, and they need the expertise of a specialist to correctly convey the message, feelings and subtleties of the source material.

Medical translation
This is another tricky type of translation which covers anything within the medical field. It needs specialist knowledge to avoid mistranslation.

Technical translation
This covers a broad range of subjects such as manufacturing and IT. Typically manuals or instructions that contain lots of specialized terminology fall in this category.

TextpoweR Creative Arabic Translation & Copywriting Services has a professional team of experienced Arabic Translators and Arabic Copywriters, who can provide you with high quality Arabic translations and copies of your legal, technical, financial, medical, marketing and other documents and materials. The team is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), but serving several happy clients around the world from Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia.

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