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Google Works on Instant Voice Translation System

A new system for instant voice translation for Android-based phonesGoogle is working now on a new system for instant voice translation for Android-based phones and devices. The system will allow users to say any word in front of their mobile phone to be instantly translated to the language of the other party.

Google says that the new system will allow users to go to anywhere on earth without being bothered by language barriers.  The system will also translate the most difficult languages, like English to Chinese and vice versa. Experts will work on solving a lot of problems facing this project, such as hardware problems, noise surrounding users affecting the accuracy of translation.

Google says that the coming system will be the  optimal solution for some language pairs, such as English and Portuguese, compared to difficulties facing some other languages. It should be mentioned that Google is not the first company to launch such project. In 2006, IBM cooperated with USA Armed Forces to develop a system for automatic translation of speech. IBM provide the Army with 35 handheld computers capable of translating speech from English to Iraqi Arabic language in few seconds.

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