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Game Localization Matters: 7 Reasons Why You Should Localize

Digitalization is given a great boost to game localization service over a decade. Localization is resonating the context according to the local market. To reach a global emerging markets, localization of game or application is of great help. Majority number of gamer’s will only download games if the game is in their native language. The objective of localization is to establish the pleasant play experience for the user by tailoring their specific cultural needs while being genuine to the source content. Let’s discuss the 7 reasons why should you localize your game.

Enhancing Sales

If you are a compassionate programmer and imagining about changing the world and lives of people by game localization. It will not change the people’s life but it will be a great fun. If you have a game, you want to project it and wants to sell it than you will earn a fair amount of money. Game localization in this era of digitalization will make you rich. You just need to decide in which language you want to translate your game. Considering English will not help you out because English game will reach only 27% of the language and you want to cater global gaming audience. Here you need to start your calculations. It rely on the game, platform and language. You can translate your game into Spanish or Swedish or translate into Chinese and Japanese and there are thousands of other languages. People think it is expensive to localize but that spending is worth it to get a profit of millions.

Increase Downloads

Increase downloads will enhance sales. If you have a wider market than you will have increase downloads. This is because of localization and wider market. It is well said think locally shop globally. It is worth it yes it is. ROI is remarkable.China has top 100 downloads in app store in Chinese language. Japan and Korea are potential game markets and have large number of translated games. Asian countries have strong inclination for native languages with low expertise in English but there are many big European countries for example France, Germany and Italy where the English expertise is high but they still opt games in their native language. Other countries like Brazil, Argentina and Mexico have huge gaming population. These marketers depicts importance of game localization. Localization is getting the local context in every region. Your multilingual app will result into more downloads and more downloads will enhance more revenue.Distimo publication revealed that apps download enhanced with 128% in the translation week than as match to the week before translation. This difference is higher in China Japan and South Korea. You cannot afford to lose these markets. Revenue enhances to 26% in that period.

Happiness of Gamers

Localization makes gaming users happy. Gamers will feel that the game is specially designed for them. In this era of digitalization game developers want gamers to indulge in the story. At the start, gamers follow a certain direction with the character with whom they feel motivated. This occurs when they engage in a dialogue with the game and its characters. At the start consumers experience will lead. Localization indulges gamers and permits them to play their own game. If your game is translated in more languages than your game users will become happier because of their cultural and linguistic context. Localization stops the confusion on storyline. A unique relationship is built between the developer and the user.

Competition in the market

There are different point of views regarding localization.The strategic approach and the other one is proactive approach. You want to cater a global market and you need to select which countries, and which languages you want to choose. The second approach is active. You will get the clues that gamers around the world want to play the game in their native language. The result of both approaches is that the games becomes more cut throat in an international market. If the game is translated in wrong language or if it caters a wrong market than competitors will take a market share. You need to stand among 1.4 million apps at App store. Localization should be the part of that strategy while innovating the game. Than it will help multilingual launch to different countries simultaneously. Are you aware that gamers are so impatient to play a game in their native language that they have develop a webpage with games which they want to get translated?

Charge of the Game

Localization is a path for you to avoid other translation or ROM hacking. Game developers have different opinions about this area. If you are a game developer than you need to translate and localize than it is helpful to you to keep control of quality translation furthermore it will help in saving time and money with a professional translator. If you are planning to localize in spite of compressing it at the end of the project- take a assistance of professional localization vendor and make

Localization a part of your strategy this will give you a peace of mind and will save both money and time but also give you charge of distribution. At the same time coming up by different languages will give you positive feedback. On the other hand negative feedback will give the game bad start, which is really hard to reverse. Localization as the part of the strategy will save time and money in spite of altering the text and translating it when the game is over. Are you aware that a translation to Spanish is very useful in the US-market? Each language has a great effect. Then visualize the effect of many different languages.

Avoiding embarrassment

Some things are not meant to be said in public. A good localization mitigates the risk of embarrassment and risk of being misunderstood or given the wrong context. It is not only translation. It is about translating the word into word in another language. For accurate translation you need to be a native speaker with the great consideration for jokes and cultural nuance. So localization is not just translation, it is about resonating the local impact such as music, color holidays. Date-format and suitable crop in that region. Localization depicts the knowledge of regional social and cultural environment.. If you want to cater a global market than localization is must. If you comprehend your users, they will comprehend you. Your result will enhanced sales, will increase good feedback and satisfied users.

App Store Higher Ranking

Users have the authority to impact your ranking. If translation is not done than it will result in negative reviews and to make these negative reviews positive, it will take a lot of time and endeavor. If the game is translated by professional translators, than users will not give these negative comments but they will start giving positive feedback.  These positive feedback will enable App store to give importance to their product. Your product will have higher chances of having higher rating in App Store searches.  People need to pay for download if the game is translated into their language.  from here you get your money. Localization than will not seem expensive.

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