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Cleartrip Adds Arabic Version To Its Website

Transperfect is widely acclaimed as one of the world’s biggest, privately owned provider of language related services and translation-related technological innovations. Recently, it announced plans to offer website localization services and technology for Cleartrip, which is a major travel agent located in the United Arab Emirates(UAE).

Many travel industry veterans and experts such as Euromonitor, World Travel Organization and HIS Research have predicted a surge in travelling due to business reasons in 2013.

Cleartrip aims to implement Transperfect’s language services and GlobalLink OneLink technology to assist its market expansion efforts by reaching and targeting Arabic-speaking travellers.

Cleartrip currently serves many nations with large populations of Arabic-speaking people and it predicts a rise in travel trends throughout the region.

Based on this prediction, Cleartrip, feels that there will be a strong demand for in-language information for these travellers and that there will be a need to provide these services.

Tarique Khatri, Senior Vice President of Business Development for Cleartrip, stated that “The Middle East traveler is evolved, discerning, and ever ready to embrace new technology. Our strategy is to ensure that our performance, expansion, and services match this growth.

Partnering with the global best, we’re confident that TransPerfect’s GlobalLink OneLink will help us achieve this by creating a painstakingly localized site in Arabic. We’re eager to showcase throughout the region our ability to make travel simple, with comprehensive content, innovative technology, responsive customer service, and a travel platform that strives to just work better.”

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