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Are Professional Translators Necessary Anymore?

With the advancement of technology, many language enthusiasts are questioning if a career translator is still a viable option.

After all, technologies like Google Translate can translate between hundreds of languages within seconds.  All you need to copy the text in, click the language you want to convert it to, and within seconds you have the same text in the language you selected.  You can even have the software pronounce the words individually.

However, in some ways technology actually helps translators find steady work and sources of income with their translating ability.  Websites such as,,, and other freelancing websites allow freelancers the ability to connect with businesses that need professional translating jobs, both big and small.  Since businesses cannot afford to make mistakes with the accuracy of their translations, they hire professionals who are rated on their translation abilities to do their work.  There are literally thousands upon thousands of translators who are fluent in two or more languages that can do translating work from anywhere they are in the world.  All they need to do is sign up for one of these freelance websites and accept job offers.

But translating work via freelancers poses another problem; professional translators no longer find their skills to be as in demand.  Due to globalization especially with the distribution of media and the Internet, millions of people have accidentally gained skills of knowing an additional language.  For example, countries that enjoy watching American media programs have been shown to have a high rate of fluent English speakers than ones that don’t want watch American programs.  Since so many new people have  found high degrees of skill in fluency, professional translators that focused their studies on translating work are less in demand.

However, no software and most likely not a lot of amateur translators can do some of the work that professional translators can do such as translating verbal dialogue instantaneously, translating a very large amount of content such as books and articles, and closely translate dialogue for close captions in media.

So the question is, are translators even necessary?  While software translations are still not as accurate as a real person with perfect fluency in the language, they are only getting better.  However, for minor translating jobs, the Internet actually allows more translators, including native speakers without professional training, make an income using their translation work.  And with the demand in translating of important content, such as newspapers, articles, research journals, novels, and more, these jobs are still left to the professional translator to do and not a regular stay at home entrepreneur.

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