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Arabic product packaging translation

When buying any product, the first thing you notice is always the packaging. The packaging normally sends a message that either attracts or repels you thus making it very important for manufacturers and marketers to consider Arabic translation for their product packaging especially if they are to reach a wide range of potential Arabic-speaking customers.

Manufacturers and marketers to consider Arabic translationArabic product packaging translation makes packaging design and content easy to understand and noticeable at the same time. Product packaging has a lot to do with information on ingredients and the reason as to why the product has been manufactured. However, packaging content can play a major role when it comes to marketing especially if the content to be put is not prescribed by the law. How you use your available space is very important as it determines the success of your marketing strategies as you introduce it to the market. Arabic product packaging translation offers you the capacity to add value to your goods and services, giving them a clear distinction from those of their competitors.

It goes without saying that any Arabic-speaking buyer who sees a product packaged in his native language will choose it over any other that bears content in another language and this is something common among all cultures across the world. To give credibility to your product when seeking for a breakthrough in the Middle East, translating the packaging content in Arabic is very important as it gives you an edge in the wealthy and every growing market.

As a manufacturer, you will need to choose textual content in addition to catchy images thus improving the promotion and appearance of your product. As a result, your product packaging should contain creative Arabic texts, word play, humorous content, rhyme and quizzes among other elements but these should be used to not only give your product packaging a good impression but must be done with consciousness of the local culture to avoid any offences or limitations. When hiring for Arabic product packaging translation, it will be wise to consider someone who understands the culture of the target audience and not only someone capable of changing words from English to Arabic.

Your packaging copy should be tailored with the target culture in mind while at the same time considering other things such as sex and age groups for which the campaign is targeted. These elements are independent considering that what is appropriate for a particular age group within one culture might not be appropriate for people in the same age bracket in another culture. It is also good to note that what could be considered humorous for one target culture might be offensive or rude in another. For this reason, it is important to work with a professional Arabic translator who has a deep understanding of the Arabic culture to help you penetrate the market with ease.

A blend of creative and technically specific content is very important during the Arabic translation of your product packaging and each should be given adequate attention to avoid any problems with the end product. A good translator should have a clear knowledge of the source language as well as Arabic while at the same time being able to employ a creative approach to target culture, research source, and text and understand the manufacturer’s message that needs to be communicated. When choosing an Arabic translator, always consider his or her experience as this will help make a difference in your marketing campaign.

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