Arabic Translation in Dubai

Seminar on translation of Arabic heritage into foreign languages

Under the title “The Translation of Folklore”, the “Academic Administration” hosted during the “18 Sharjah Heritage Days” the Tunisian researcher in anthropology, Dr. Muhammad Al-Juwaili, a professor at the Department of Arabic Language of the Faculty of Literature and Linguistics at the University of Tunis, in a dialogue session in which he discussed how translation can To serve the folklore.

Al-Juwaili emphasized that the convergence of translation and folklore remained a real problem.

During his speech, Al-Juwaili discussed some of the orientalists ’experiences and their attempts to transfer the Arab and Islamic folklore to their languages.

Al-Juwaili said: “Charles Bella, who preferred to study Arabic over German and English, was haunted by the book (Al-Jahiz), and he worked on translating it for nearly two decades, as he faced many obstacles, challenges and difficulties in understanding some of the expressions, words and terms that Al-Jahiz mentioned in his book.”

He added: “The one who reads the book of Al-Jahiz realizes great richness of the content of this book. Through it, he was able to provide an accurate description of many aspects of the Arab heritage and provided us with documentation of many terms and words that prevailed at the time, and this is the problem that faced Charles Bella. He who does not know ancient Arabic may be lost in translation. ”

– “The translation of heritage does not depend on a literal translation. Rather, it is the transfer of the culture of a people or nation to another culture.”

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