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Advertising and Marketing Arabic Translation Tips

When doing marketing Arabic translation, it is very important to have a clear understanding of your target audience. This means that every form of translation should be done by a professional especially if you are doing it with the aim of attracting a response from those who come across your content. The main goal of professional Arabic translation is to advertising and marketing and therefore should be done with utmost care and expertise. Whenever you want to put a word out there especially with the Arabic-speaking population in mid, it is important to consider a few qualities about your target audience. Doing so will help make your content acceptable while at the same time avoiding any offensive or ineffective message that could backfire on your business. Below are some of the qualities you must consider when working on your advertising and marketing Arabic translation: –

  • Age

The age of your target audience will play a very important role when it comes to marketing Arabic content translation. This is especially true if the content that needs to be translated is not legal or does not have any standards within which you must confine yourself to. As opposed to old audience, young people are likely to be attracted to slang and be more comfortable with what is trending. If your target audience is young, it will be important to maintain the slang words used in the source content or replace them with something similar while avoid anything that could be offensive. When dealing with an older demographic, it would be important to keep the content translation more formal but very clear.

  • Cultural background

The Arabic population has its own cultural values which you will need to maintain when doing Arabic translation. While most English speaking population is fond of an individualistic culture, large Arabic population values etiquette and politeness more and these are some of the things you should have when doing your translation in Arabic. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the English speaking audience is impolite and doesn’t value etiquette or that the Arab world doesn’t have people who are individualistic. However, it is good to consider cultural values and have them clearly reflected in your advertising and marketing Arabic translation content.

  • Media exposure

During your advertising Arabic translation, it is very important to carry out a survey and see whether your target audience is familiar with the subject matter. Different people in the Arab world are exposed to different forms of media platforms and this is something you cannot ignore when doing your Arabic translation. If you are to capture the attention of the majority of the over 400 Million Arab speakers in the Middle East, you will need to consider their level of exposure to the media and know which techniques are best suited for your advertising and marketing purposes. You might be more successful if you use Facebook and Twitter to target the young generation while the older folks who are the ones holding more money might require different strategies if you are to capture their attention and turn them into buying buyers.

  • Technologically savvy

Does your audience have the desired knowledge technologically? This is important when considering the right approach towards your marketing Arabic translation. You will need to decide whether the material being translated will be used online or printed so that you include what will work well under the two situations. Your internet users might not have the patience to load pictures when visiting your site while print content readers might be attracted more to content that has images. Whatever your target audience, make sure you are translating to provide them with what they need and not just what you want.

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