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4 Biggest Misconceptions About Arabic Translation Services

Expanding the audience of a business or website into new Arabic-speaking markets is an important step to take. At some point an Arabic translation service will become necessary to do business in a new country. The chance to get new customers or readers is very appealing, but when it comes to hiring an Arabic translator many people become hesitant. Read on to find out the truth behind these misconceptions about the Arabic translation industry.

1. Translation is Expensive
Too many people think hiring the help of an Arabic translation service will cost too much, and decide it’s not worth it.
However, the cost of Arabic translation needs to be put into context of how much is gained by moving into a new market. Not to mention, the translation services market is highly competitive these days, making it even better for customers. As the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money.
2. Arabic Translation is Unprofitable
Many businesses have a wealth of products, information and media which they never bother to have translated to Arabic language. Automatically assuming that branching out into the global market won’t be a good investment.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Many businesses can enjoy many benefits from expanding worldwide. When there is a potential audience waiting for a localised version of your products or website, failing to make the move will mean your competitors benefit instead.
3. Arabic Translation is Complicated
Some people think that Arabic translation is just too complicated and time consuming. This might be true if you use a poor service provider.
Hiring a professional Arabic translator will mean a fast turnaround time, and high quality results that deliver without any complexity.
4. Translation is Unreliable
There is a worry that the result of the Arabic translation can’t be judged well, so you might as well not attempt it.
This worry can be put to rest by working with a proven company with a good history of translation projects. As an extra assurance you can hire a second company to verify some of the scripts and translate back to original language so you can check the main points remain intact.
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