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3 Silly Reasons for Ignoring Arabic Translation in Business Startups

The internet has allowed businesses to reach new customers from around the world, but is your business truly global?

Ask most business owners, and you will find out they are often limiting there marketing to Europe and Latin America. Some more adventurous businesses may go as far as China, Japan and India. Not many startups are targeting countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar, despite the huge growth in Internet usage in the Middle East.

A smart business will see the opportunity to further expand their operations and not miss such a good chance to increase their client base. The Arab world boasts over 60 million smartphone users and more than 90 million people connected to the internet. The Arabic language is really underserved on the internet, with not even 1% of apps available in Arabic.

The big question to answer is why are so many companies oblivious to this opportunity? There is a lot of money to be made for any business who invests the time and money into marketing to the audience in this region.

1. English is enough

English may be the dominant language in business, but it’s not the only one in demand. You are severely compromising your marketing efforts by limiting yourself to English only. Sure there might be some people comfortable with using English in Arab countries, but for the most part people want content, apps and services in their local language.

Having the perfect product will only do you so much good. You also have to adapt your services to the target audience. By taking the time to tailor your business offerings you can gain the trust of users.

2. Dated perceptions

Lots of people have got completely wrong perceptions about life in the modern Arab regions. People go on the internet, spend time on Facebook, or even send tweets on Twitter, just like people do in the United States or Europe. Your average person living in the Arab world has probably never ridden on a camel, and spends plenty of time browsing websites and using apps like you do.

They aren’t just browsing the web either, but also making online purchases. At the moment, Arabic speakers are ranked 11th in their overall online GDP and have the fastest growing online GDP compared to other languages. There is a growing middle class in the region that has cash to spend, but only if businesses reach out to them.

3. Daunting language

Translating your website into Arabic can feel very daunting. If you have only ever used western languages, the script will look confusing and complicated. The good news is that there is a wealth of high quality Arabic translation services out there. This makes localization easy and convenient.

With so few businesses actively targeting the Arab market, there is a big gap in the market for many startups to take advantage of. Use the services of an Arabic translator to give your business a solid foothold in the Middle East.

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