Software Localization

Software Arabic Localization Services
Simply put, software localization is a process of adapting certain software for a specific audience. At Textpower, we can professionally adapt your English software to the Arabic-speaking audience. We don’t just translate your software user interface to the Arabic language. The Arabic localization process also includes, when necessary, resizing dialogue boxes, customizing features, and testing the Arabic version of the software to ensure it runs exactly as it does in the original language. More importantly, the Arabic localization process requires careful consideration and adaptation of any potential cultural implications resulting from the use of the software in the Arabic language.

There are more than 400 million Arabic-speaking people around the world. Localizing your software to the Arabic language medium can you give you access to new markets and greatly enhance your sales. People usually prefer to use applications and programs in their native language, and localization of such applications and programs will render them more user-friendly and easy to use.  The same applies to the Arabic language, as the Arabic-speaking people will feel more comfortable using your software made in their native language, and it will be easier for them to receive and understand messages in Arabic.

In this environment of fierce competition, you need to find new markets and be ahead of your competitors. TextpoweR can help you enter new markets in Arabic-speaking countries and gain a competitive advantage in those markets over your competitors. We can help you remove all communication barriers with your potential Arabic-speaking customers, and make your software more marketable to them.

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