Arabic Brochure Copywriting


If you have a business running in the Middle East, it goes without saying that you would want to market it with the help of Arabic brochures. Finding a good Arabic Brochure Copywriting Service can be a tedious task considering the vast difference between the native content in English language and Arabic language. When you distribute brochures of your product and services to the Arabic-speaking customers, the content needs to be convincing and informative enough for your advertising campaign to succeed.

The job of the Arabic brochure copywriters service provider is not to be as simple as translating a few paragraphs of content from the English language to the Arabic language. It is indeed a lot more. The translation may convey words and “tell” but it’s not sufficient to “sell”. For content to be persuasive once in Arabic language, it is important that the particular style of the Arabic language is adopted to make the Arabic advertisement compelling enough to buy you potential Arabic-speaking customers to up your sales figures.
It is important to understand at this point that the whole process of translation of any content to a language like Arabic is quite a difficult task. It’s not just the whole difference in the script but also the way of reading it- from right to left as opposed to the usual left to right, that makes it a bigger deal for a non-native Arabian to be able to comprehend the language.

Considering that the majority of the population in the Middle East speaks Arabic, the best way to reach out to customers and familiarize them with your products and services will be to communicate in the language that they are comfortable with. It is also of great significance to understand the psychological aspect of this issue. Any customer from a particular country will have a greater tendency to go for products and services that are promoted in their own native language as they will automatically find it more reliable and comfortable. Also, who would actually be interested in deciphering a foreign language to understand an advertisement brochure, forget getting enticed by it?

As a business marketer, it is therefore essential to overcome any language barriers in advertising, not merely through translation but through credible and skillful writing. For your business in the Middle East, it is, therefore, advisable to focus on Arabic copywriting with the help of experienced Arabic writers who are well-versed with creative writing in the language as well as heaving clear knowledge about the market.

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